having been filled

What can one do with such a wild and mysterious beauty? Place it under your feet. Bury your toes in it. Revel and roll and sense.

To behold is never enough.

Let me explore. See particulars from New angles, where re-definition is easy.

And then there’s the entire masterpiece.  The indescribable. Glory to the Artist whose work eludes description.

Oh the things I have seen. My eyes are wider than ever before. Hungry.

Having been filled,  brimming over but yearning to flow.

To behold is not enough. I want to Understand as wonderings build on wanderings. The insatiable desire to Know fights the simple need to Be.

Is existence just one long in-between? Will this restless heart ever settle?

How can it, after tasting such fullness so close to perfection, to Heaven.


4 thoughts on “having been filled

  1. What “wild and mysterious beauty” exactly are your reveling in with your feet?
    Yes, existence is “just one long in-between.” “Will this restless heart ever settle?” you ask. The answer is, yes, when you get a job.

    Finally, what “fullness so close to perfection” are you referring to here? Did you meet a boy?!!

      1. As long as he’s a believer. Thanks for saving me the price of a wedding! Where should we send the rest of your clothes?

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