I would like to submit that I am in love.

In a brief six days, the Emerald Isle has effortlessly captured any part of my heart that it didn’t already have.  Maybe it’s the green vibrance everywhere. Or perhaps the crisp winter air that I can always count on to be rain-washed and sea-breezed. It might just be the deep, rich accents that I meet wherever I go. Or the fact that an entire country believes in good black tea, (thoroughly creamed and sugared)  just as much as I do.

Call me silly, but there have been so many lovely moments in which I could’ve, would’ve, and maybe should’ve snatched out my camera and played tourist by insatiably seizing and freezing those moments into images…but I didn’t and haven’t quite yet.  I’m no photographer, and between the minuscule camera and myself, we can do very little justice to the blessed beauty that readily presents itself here in Northern Ireland.

For now, just picture a little, rainswept, grassy hilled country…

then a little stone housed, holly hedged town…

and then a little spirit filled, mission driven, cozy walled, tea-drinking school.

Little things.

Like I said, I’m in love.


3 thoughts on “exceeded

  1. Miss you Mer. Even though my old camera is minuscule, you still can take pictures with it! Please do! We want to see what it looks like there!

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