I’m leaving on a jet plane.

In a week.

I don’t think I’ll entirely believe that I’m heading to Ireland until I’m cordially introducing Irish air to my hoosier lungs.

Oh, and just in case you’re not in the loop, (rather the swirling, twirling, whirling tumult) I’m going to live life in Dunmurry, Ireland for the next four months.   I’m going to study at Belfast Bible College, learn, travel, experience, and try to serve and love people wherever I end up.  That’s that.

You have to realize, I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland.  Always knew I’d eventually end up there.  I spent the past five or so years patiently learning Irish fiddle tunes, listening to the Chieftains, eating fish and chips when possible, and nursing a peculiar inclination towards good green earth.  But I didn’t think I’d be going so very soon. God slapped Ireland in front of me as I walked innocently into last semester, and in awe of His ever-abundant grace I delightedly took Him up on the offer.

Thus it came about that I’m now leaving in said brief week for new things.  You see, I’m a bit of an adventurer.  I love newness and being all-round uncomfortable.  I rather relish anything unanticipated, unexpected. However, expectations are one thing I haven’t been quite able to keep away from me.  They’ve surrounded me lately, as you might imagine, but I don’t find them very useful or sensible at all. So I tend to hold them at arm’s length and scrutinize them carefully before accepting them to be realistic. The unexpected I can handle, but dashed expectations are another matter entirely.  Maybe I fear the fall from high expectations too much.  Or maybe I ward expectations off because they shouldn’t determine how I experience something new.  Because no matter what we expect in life, God usually has His own expectations in mind for us. His fulfilled expectations are so often what make up my unexpected. And His plans are just as Good for me as as they are unpredictable.  So I’m keeping my expectations not low, but few in order to leave room for the unexpected, for what the great Teacher, Planner, and Expector has for me…in one week.


One thought on “expectations

  1. Dunmurry……. *sigh*

    Just love the sound of it. Yer right on Hossy dear. No expectations, except that it will be an adventure, and God is gleefully and masterfully setting it up for you even as we speak. (Type?) Cause He’s just good at/like that.

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