…Reasoning in Salutation

When I was about 13 years old, I made a vow.  I vowed that whenever somebody waved at me, I’d wave back.  This was arrived at through a simple and (what seemed to be at the time) logical reasoning.  You see, I didn’t cross my heart and hope to proverbially die with typical Wavers in mind.  It’s easy and natural to wave at your mom, a chum, or the neighbor, I never had a problem with that.  I vowed this vow with someone else in mind.  You’ve seen them: at Walmart, driving down the road, walking down your street… the anonymous Wavers. The ones who leave you thinking “Did I know them?”  Perhaps you did.  Perhaps you didn’t.  Why does it have to matter?  My reasoning was, (and remains to be)  “Why not burn a few calories and return that age-old gesture to my well-meaning Waver compatriot?”  Who knows, maybe my random vow will win me World’s Willingest Waver yet…



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