…Oh the Fullness

If I had to describe this Summer thus far in one word, it’d be the word Full.  I’ve been working almost full-time between jolly Jake’s, riding lessons with pragmatic four-year-olds, naughty horses, and the quickly accelerating equine assisted psychotherapy program at Christian Haven.

The bustle of a busy life isn’t what makes this Summer so Full.  It’s been Overflowing with Gloriousness.  God has blessed each day with splendor, from the oh-so-welcome stroke of the sun on my skin as I spend the larger part of my day outside, to the  the tangy taste of my latest attempt at sweet tea.  This summer I’ve been struck over and over again with the capacity of the Bible. The mysteries, stories, commands, people, places, wisdom, and God reining in Full over everything.  Days fly by, but I haven’t let one sweet-smelling morning or long, dusky evening get past me before I’ve had at least a moment to breathe the smell of it in along with a wisp of Joy…


2 thoughts on “…Oh the Fullness

  1. Horses can also bring healing to people in ways you cannot understand. They somehow UNDERSTAND WHAT you’re going through! That tells you God IS awesome!

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