…The math books didn’t tell you this

I love finding comparisons between horsemanship and life.  I know your math book told you that parallels go on forever, that they never have and never will converge, but I’ve found that there are parallels all over the place that have the ability to bring the totally different parts of my life together. Here’s one right off the bat.

When driving a horse, we always use something called blinders on the bridle.  You’ve seen them in the movies.  They’re little half cups arranged over the horse’s eyes so that it can’t see anywhere except right in front of it.  Why ever do we do that?  Horses are naturally fearful animals, prey animals motivated by self preservation instincts.  In short, the purpose of blinders is to keep the horse from seeing what’s going around it in order to prevent a reaction of distraction, fear, or interest in anything but what is directly ahead.

The parallel?  There are times when I feel like that horse with blinders on.  Driving, driving, driving, working, and running toward a goal, a glimpse, an obscure destination.  Yep, I’ve been there, forging ahead without being able to see what’s around me… limited.  Anything from facing my fears to enjoying the entirety of a situation is made impossible.  Beauty goes unnoticed while situations, opportunities, and challenges are bypassed and I race on regardless of it all.   Have you ever donned the blinders and booked it for an ambition?  It’s fine to be focused, but after I’ve chosen to ignore what’s going on around me -even if I end up where I originally wanted to be- when I finally start seeing the entire spectrum of possibility I can’t help but regret…

I want to live with an unhindered perspective, able to take in as much as possible before I pass it up in the rush that everyday existence can become.  Wouldn’t the excursion be so much more  exciting If I were able to see something other than the obscurity on either side that I get so used to? As much as I adore horses, I’m glad I’m not one.  Because unlike our friend the horse, I have a choice.  I’m the one who chooses to limit myself, narrow my aptitude; and I’m also the one who has the ability to free my perception and doff those silly blinders.


One thought on “…The math books didn’t tell you this

  1. Ah, this was like a breath of fresh air, and of course, sooo completely true! Its so dissapointing that we choose to kill ourselves over reaching this “goal” which we frankly rarely even know what “it” is. Living in the moment, taking the time to “stop and smell the roses” is so much more fulfilling, though much much harder to do…. 😉
    Thank you my dear friend for this reminder, which I very much needed today! 😀

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