…A Well-Behaved Mind Goes For An Occasional Frolic

Have you ever let your mind go?  Just let it out of the cage of the everyday controlled analysis thinking to run tumultuous and unrestrained?  A word of advice: don’t do it unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences, they can be drastic.  When I give my mind its complete freedom and tell it to course wherever it pleases (thinking it will perhaps dig up something new and valuable) all it seems to do is weave a daunting maze of thought without any sort of conclusion.  

I’m left sitting in front of the quandary wondering what to do with the results of this transient escapade.  Should I turn back and leave it without ever knowing what was inside the labyrinth?  Surely whatever it holds won’t be easily traversed.  Or… or should I enter and take on the hazardous new ideas, notions, and opinions. It’s a labor alright, one that if not properly handled, could just end up  shoving me back out the entrance making me no better off than I was when I liberated my anxious mind, hoping for grand results.  But what if I forged ahead, ever-so-carefully…  What would happen if I put order to the chaos of the maze of intellect?  Is it really conceivable to see myself making it out of that place unscathed, more rational, more discerning, and wiser than I was when I entered…

How do you handle your mind?  Do you confine it to it’s routine: never changing, not growing, not diminishing, locked in place.  Or are you in the habit of releasing it and seeking out wisdom and understanding. Like I said, it’s not something to be done without care and deliberation. Yes, work. I guess you could call it exercise. Just as with physical exercise: you do it, it’s hard, you make a habit of doing it the right way and it makes you stronger.  My mind has sat dormant for long enough.  As it claws at its cage and pleads for liberation I’m opening the door, not with the intention of letting it escape completely, but with the anticipation of a search, an encounter, and a confrontation…


One thought on “…A Well-Behaved Mind Goes For An Occasional Frolic

  1. I love your way with words Mer, they paint a wonderful picture in my mind! This has definitely intregued me and I think inspired me to take some time for quiet thought and meditation on Christ and what’s going on in my head!
    In eager expectation of what’s to come! Kirst

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