…You meet a useful adversary… or is it a liable asset?

I’m crazy busy, as usual, otherwise you’d hear from me more often.  Never in my life have I realized more the value of time.  I don’t know what your time does, but mine seems to be the flying sort.  When it’s not amusing itself in the clouds, it’s careening or vaulting: propelling me along with it in its frantic plunge.   Time is of the essence, but what is the essence of time?

Come to think of it, there are very few things more important than the manner in which you use your ration of time.  You can give it away, it makes an ever-so-valuable gift. You can sell it for money if you happen to be in need of cash.  You can take a little handful and chuck it to God once in a while to satisfy Him.  You can horde it all up for yourself and spend it thinking of the wonderful ways you’ll spend it.  You can sit back and watch it deteriorate as both you and your precious time age. You can spend it on things that bring you pleasure… or joy.  You can waste it, guard it, sacrifice it.  But you can’t stop it.  You can’t save it.  As often as I’ve entreated my unruly time to slow down, it charges on regardless.  You’ve probably noticed it’s not very good at listening.

So what do you do with such a restless little thing?  How do you best accommodate him before he’s far away and out of sight?  I’ve been thinking about that lately and as I do with most mysteries, I trace it back to its Maker.  I think it’s amazing how God gave us free will.  He doesn’t force us to spend time doing what benefits His Kingdom.  It’s our choice and we reap the consequences good or bad for what we do right?  The simple fact is, I only have so much time in my life.  Every hour I waste is irretrievable.  What defines waste?  I think you can answer that one yourself, for me it’s doing anything that won’t reap good results, anything that just leaves me…blah.

Thus on one hand, I’m becoming more aware of how not to spend time.  On the other hand, I’m considering how best to utilize it.  The complacent side of me is arguing, “You don’t have too much of a choice, silly.  Your schedule is packed, you’re a busy person, you enjoy what you do, why change anything?”  Unfortunately, Mr. Complacency does not factor in the fact that I am not the ruler of my life.  Though I do have the free will to make my own decisions, as a Christian I also have the responsibility to live my life to the glory of God.  I don’t think that necessarily means that I have to rearrange my entire schedule so that all I do is read the Bible, pray, and go to church. Nope, God made life full of excitement, adventure, fun, and work.  What I’m trying to say in a very roundabout way is: why can’t He be a part of it ALL for me?  Why on earth would I touch base with him perhaps for a little while in the morning, then try to trudge through the rest of my day without Him?

Jesus is the lover of my soul, He is the bridegroom of the church (Eph. 5:25-27, Matt. 9:15).  How is time spent in relation to romance?  Inevitably you are going to want to spend as much of your time as possible with your beloved, you will think about them constantly, and you’ll worry when you are separated for any long amount of time.  How then should the way I spend time with the ultimate love of my life, Jesus Christ, be any different?  Rhetorical question: it shouldn’t.

Time: he’s a sneaky fellow, it would seem sometimes that he does his best to try not to be wielded.  He’s always slipping between your fingers just when you’re ready to put him to good use.  But is time really the enemy, or is it us and how we handle him?

Yes, it’s November already.  Yes, I’m racing to keep up with my allotment of time. I’m racing to not allow it to drag me along, leaving nothingness in its wake.  I’m racing to use every second, every thought, every word, and every action to please my Lord, to build His Kingdom, and to leave something in time’s wake that’s worth smiling over.


3 thoughts on “…You meet a useful adversary… or is it a liable asset?

  1. Hossky, you astound me. That’s the best thing I’ve read all week.

    Oh wait. I did just read The Abolition of Man. [Lewis.]

    That’s nearly, almost, just about, practically the best thing I’ve read all week.

  2. wow Mer, this is awesome! You do have a way with words! 😀 Very thought prevoking, I’m gonna have to read it through several times to get all of its amazing layers!

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