…We are very sorry that it’s been a while

Hullo kids,

Since I have not had as much time to tell you as much about our adventures here as I would like, I am PROMISING to write a nice long paper about it if ever I arrive back in the States (I was thinking of skipping my flight in Istanbul to splash around a little in the Black Sea). 

Worry not.  Soon enough you will hear things from me that are longer than a few paragraphes. 

Just yesterday I was traipsing up a mountain with my new friend, little seven year old Nadira chattering happily in Bosnian all the way and going to see her new house which happens to be as big as your living room.  I could understand about two thirds of what she was saying and to the rest, I simply smiled and nodded knowingly.

There are protests going on in the city.  The political situation is crazy right now and the people are very unhappy with it. Yesterday while trying to avoid one, we walked right into it. That was fun.

We’re going to our last dinner with our beloved translators and the missionaries tonight.  It’ll be sad.

Stay tuned for that long paper… unless I mistakenly find myself on a flight to London…


3 thoughts on “…We are very sorry that it’s been a while

  1. Mer, I will love and cherish you no matter where you splash down, but the oats bin is almost empty so if you don’t splash down here in a few days I’m selling the horses. At least the chickens produce eggs and are making me rich; the horses don’t produce anything (I can sell)! I have cut their rations considerably and have found hunger an excellent training motivator. I have taught Ice to “sit”, “stay”, and “shake”. Roo is incorrigible. You were smarter than her at three months (today).
    Love and miss you all. Tell Mom we haven’t used any of the frozen meals because people keep having us over.

    1. Dear father, my horses don’t eat oats. Only the best for them. They eat Omolene 300. Big difference. Omolene 300 costs $14.20 per bag, oats cost $9.50. Good horse sitters know these things.

      1. Wow! Guess I’m not a very good horsesitter! Maybe you’ll have to find a better one. For $14.20 a bag I’m going to heat some of that stuff up for breakfast!

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