…Day 5 in Home Sweet Home Comes to and End

SOOOOO much going on here.  Randy and Julie are waiting for me to get out of thier room so they can go to bed (it’s 11.29pm) so I’ve got to rush…

Please refer to the email that I send out to people willing to pray for the team here, if you don’t get it, email me at prayforbosnia@gmail.com or ask someone else to forward it to you (I write one almost daily). 

Also, yesterday and today I had the marvelous opportunity to meet with my long-lost friend Rialda, in short: CRAZY AMAZING.  You have no idea how much I wish I could write more, unfortunately it’ll have to wait for later.

 Overall, I am loving it here, it just feels like home, I had no idea how much language was dormant in my little brain!



10 thoughts on “…Day 5 in Home Sweet Home Comes to and End

  1. Mer, I don’t know if you’re checking your e-mail but I sent you one. I was wondering if I could bring B back to your barn. Things are not working out at Tracy’s and it is more work than my school schedule can handle. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience of this.
    PS- It sounds like you’re having a great time! It must be fun living in a culture entirely different from ours. What language are you speaking?
    PPS- There is no need to pay me for checking the horses. You are too generous.

      1. HI Meredith!
        Hope everything is splendid with you. I miss you guys A LOT. How is the weather there? Have you seen any awesome, sporty cars? Tell everyone I said Hello and tell your Mom me and my Doughnuts are STILL with her!

  2. I got a nice e-mail from Rialda about your visit with her and one from Dijana to Mom wondering where y’all are! I always knew there was something dormant in your little brain! Miss you guys tons. I asked the horses if they missed you and all they said was “Naaaaay!” Guess they don’t.

  3. Hi guys!!!! How is it going???? Did you see our old house???
    We miss you lots, and we miss mom’s good cooking!!!!!! Kessy has been whining a ton lately she misses you so much, Linda is depressed because she could not go with, Misty left us to look for you for a few days but she could not find you so she came home, Ice is just plain sad (don’t believe a word of what dad said) & Roo is being nothing but naughty, the chickens will not lay eggs any more they miss you guys so much, and all the roosters do is crow all day long, Fred will not stop running in his ball because he is trying to follow you, and Spencer will not stop crying because he has no mom to make him granola. So all in all the house is falling apart, so come home soon……. very soon…….. How about in 4 days??
    I hope you are taking LOTS of pictures!!!!!

    love you all!!

    Give Jasna lots of hugs for me!!!!

    love, Mackenize

    1. Hey my peoples! We’re doing swell. We saw both our old houses: the Ilidza one looks just the same, the entire street that our Grbavica house is on is a ton nicer. Someone from an embassy lives there now, and it’s totally fixed up fancy. We went to coffee with Jasna today and yesterday: mom and her cry a lot together. Spank Roo for me. Love you heaps.

      1. Did you get up to Buca Potok to our first house? I’m wondering if you could find Edin and Sanila. We saw Randy’s facebook pictures tonight when we went to dinner at Berko’s house. Missed you guys, but there was more food for us. We’re going to Winona tomorrow to take Andrew civapi and fix his car! How ironic. Don’t believe Mackenzie, but I really couldn’t find little kitty for a few days, but she’s back now. Good night! Love you. Dad

      2. We didn’t get to the first house. Been soooooooo busy. Lots of visiting next few days. Jasna bought me, delaney and Emily nice rings. Delaney is giving her the present Monday. Love y’all! Mer

        Sent from my iPod

      3. Meredith,
        I was just wondering if you guys can e-mail. If it isn’t a bother to you (I really hope it isn’t), can you have your Mom e-mail me. Thanks.
        Love you lots, Katie

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